Saturday, May 14, 2011

A trip with Skimask and Arvid Noe, May 25-29th, twil be sweet

A little northeast jaunt with some pals, here's the dates:
  • 5/25 WED @ The Wedge, Burlington VT |||
  • 5/26 THURS @ Poland St. House in Portland, ME// w/ HYENA &Butcher Boy
  • 5/27, FRI @ Bazooka Bazooka, Binghamton NY |||
  • 5/28, SAT @ Firehouse, Worcester, MA ||| w/ The Terribles & Bovachevo
  • 5/29, SUN @ "WTF FEST 4" ||| Wellfleet Presevation Hall, Wellfleet, MA w/ The Fleece, Netherfriends, Vomit Orchard & MORE 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Fucking Tours, Big Fucking Album, Late July, and September Too

Hello. After years of toil, torture, and tears, we're finally living up to our dreams. Hardcore single-minded ambition and ruthlessness pays off in the end my friend. Failure is not an option. Impossible Is Nothing. Just Do It. Never forget.
In other words, we're going on tour with Ugh God on July 23rd thru most of August.
And then again with Kitchen's Floor in September.
Holy Fukin Cows.
Our new comedy album "Fucking Despair " will be out mid to late July. Sophomore Lounge Records is helping us put it on big fat 'n sexy lps, cause Ryan's a badass.
more information soon.

Curtis Made a Dickstarter to buy us a van. Donate some cash and get a shitload of old and new and rare and unreleased music and other forms of love from Ugh and Us here:

Most of these shows are not yet booked, if you can help us book any of these shows, or you want us to come play for/with you somewhere else, go on and get in touch with ourselves:

UGH GOD, That History Month's Coming, Super Duper Dream Tour 2011:
 July    23rd    - Problem House, Allston, MA (6H)
       24th    - (Valentines), Albany, NY (3H)
       25th    - (Bug Jar), Rochester, NY (4H)
       26th    - (w/ Megachurch), Cleveland, OH (4H)
       27th    - (w/ State Champion), Louisville, KY (6H)
       28th    - (w/ Dust From 1000 Years), Bloomington, IN (2H)
       29th    - (w/ Spelling Bee), St. Louis, MO (4.5H)
       30th    - (w/ This Is My Condition), Lawrence, KS (5H)
       31st    - (Rhinoceropolis), Denver, CO (9H) - HAUL
Aug     1st     - (Kilby Court), Salt Lake City, UT (8.5H) - HAUL
       2nd     - Reno, NV (8H) - HAUL
       3rd     - (Luigi’s Fun Garden), Sacramento, CA (2.25H)
       4th     - (w/ Reichert, Oh Sees?) San Fransisco, CA (1.5H)
       5th     - Santa Cruz, CA (1.5H)
       6th     - Fresno, CA (3H)
       7th     - Los Angeles, CA (3.75H)
       8th     - Las Vegas, NV (4.5H)
       9th     - Phoenix, AZ (5.5H)
       10th    - Albequerque, NM (8H) - HAUL
       11th    - (ask Megafauna) Amarillo, TX (4.5H)
       12th    - Oklahoma City, OK (4.5H)
       13th    - Little Rock, AK (5.25H)
       14th    - (w/ Evil Bebos) Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN (6.25H)
       15th    - Birmingham, AL (3.25H)
       16th    - (Secret Mercer Squirrel) Athens/Atlanta, GA (4H)
       17th    - (w/ Pig Mountain) Charlotte NC (3.5H)
       18th    - (w/ Morsbergers, Compar. Anat.) Richmond, VA (4.75H)
       19th    - Philly
       20th    - NYC
       21st    - Ballston