Thursday, October 6, 2011

November Tour Dates, heading to Cropped Out Fest, playing Homegrown at Home, October shows, Male Order, Politics

I put all three records up for mailorder if anybody wants em, they are pretty cheap, and we're pretty sad and broke, so go for it, they're pretty. Just think, you could have all these things in your dirty empty bed too. Candy courtesy of Walgreen's 2 for $2. Now that's a fucking deal, buddy.


Anyways, we made it, attitude intact, butt barely. That last tour kicked asss, thanks a lot to everyone who made it good and Kitchen's Floor for being sweet dudes.
Holy smokes, we're gonna go n tour again. We're going back out for the first couple weeks of November on our way to and from Cropped Out in Louisville. Tis goin to rule.


 Here's some dates, if you live east of Austin and want us to come play for you, let us know, we'd love to, most of these shows aren't booked yet. If you can help us book anything, get in touch. thanks

Thurs. Nov. 3  Buffalo NY at Jungle Gym House
Fri. Nov. 4th Chicago at Mortville
Sat. Nov. 5th Bloomington, IN at an Art Show and at Night Wit Dust
Sun. Nov. 6th Carbondale IL, The Swamp
Mon. Nov 7th Shreveport, LA/MI TBA
Tues. Nov. 8th New Orleans TBA
Wed. Nov. 9th Austin, TX at Beckett's House
Thurs. Nov 10th TN/AR TBA
Fri. Nov. 11th CROPPED OUT Louisville
Sat Nov. 12th CROPPED OUT
Sun Nov. 13th CROPPED OUT
Mon. Nov. 14th Staunton VA at Gone Studio
Tues. Nov. 15th Jersey TBA
Wed. Nov. 16th New York at Clay's Place
Thurs. Nov. 17th SUNY Purchase
Fri. Nov. 18th Hadley MA at Doom Dungeon
Sat Nov. 19th Boston TBA

On Oct. 15th, we're playing Homegrown 3 in Boston with a ton of awesome bands, you can check it here:

Here's the shows for October:

Upcoming shows:
Oct. 7th Super Secret Bear Cave
We playing first, starts at 9ish
State Champion (louisville)
Animal City(chicago)

Oct. 15th, Day 2 of Homegrown 3
Crane Room @ Tufts University
playing at
tons of awesome bands,
info here:

Oct. 24th,
Gorilla 7 release show
Charlies Kitchen in Cambridge
Thief Thief and Celestial Shores
5 bucks
21 plus(sorry young people)

damn dude, this is some boring ass bloggery. I'll tell you some stories with pictures some day. Flagstaff AZ is the place to be.

                                                TD Bank, you still owe me for this promo picture, did you think that we forgot!? WE'RE COMING FOR YOU. What do think all this protest noise is about anyways? Unemployment, inequality, and politics? No way pal, the peons were perfectly happy til you happened to step upon the wrong set of toes. Now it's time to cough it up.
Don't fuk with us. We get paid, fool.

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