Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sexy flyer for Oct. 24th gorillay partay, We're on tv, So Hard Young Boy's lookin fresh on The Net, Novembert's Almost Booked, UGH n FLORIDA are playing shows withus

                                                                  Cum to thus pretty please. sorry if you're jung.
                                thanks pencapchew for the flyer n sippycup for settin it up.

                        In other News,
State Champ n Animal City n other Sophomore Lounge buddies made a movie and we're on the official soundtrack. It's badass. Even has a cameo from Jammin J. Artery. Our agent is fucking pumped.

We'll be seein those butts soon enough, herding to Louisville for Cropped Out in november, the tour's almost booked, thanks for all the help America!

Thurs. Nov. 3  Buffalo NY at Jungle Gym House
Fri. Nov. 4th Chicago at Mortville
Sat. Nov. 5th Bloomington, IN at an Art Show and at a House at night Wit Dust
Sun. Nov. 6th Carbondale IL, The Swamp
Mon. Nov 7th LA/MI TBA
Tues. Nov. 8th New Orleans at Dragon's Den w/Marathon, Caddywhompus
Wed. Nov. 9th Austin, TX at Beckett's House
Thurs. Nov 10th TN/AR TBA
Fri. Nov. 11th CROPPED OUT Louisville, KY
Sat Nov. 12th CROPPED OUT
Sun Nov. 13th CROPPED OUT
Mon. Nov. 14th Staunton VA at Gone Studio
Tues. Nov. 15th Jersey TBA w/ UGH GOD!
Wed. Nov. 16th New York at Clay's Place w/ UGH GOD n Da Comrade n others
Thurs. Nov. 17th SUNY Purchase w/UGH GOD
Fri. Nov. 18th Hadley MA at Doom Dungeon w/ UGH n Florida=DEATH!!!
Sat Nov. 19th Boston TBA w/ UGH GOD, n Florida=DEATH

                                                              Here's the rest of the fest:

also came across this awesome SHYB internest too, dust n such, you should hear this if you haven't.
this is one of my favorite albums I ever heard:

and so's this one


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