Friday, July 29, 2011

Wow, looka this

Album is out, we're on Tour.

Up to date tour dates:

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Cum to shows.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour Dates W/ Ugh, July/August (Needin Big Help in California)

Holy shit, this is happening. We've got some more shows that need booking, if you see somewhere you can help, or you live near one of the places we dont have a show, or pretty much anywhere in California, please tell us to come there.  You can get in touch here: 


23    Allston MA @ Problem House
    with Hyena, Hunnie Bunnies, TBA

24    Northampton MA @ The Flywheel (43 Main Street)
    with Graph, Hyena

25    Rochester NY @ The Dress Barn
    with TBA

26    Cleveland OH @ The 71st Door
with Megachurch, Clan of the Cave Bear

27    Chicago OH @ The Empty Bottle
    with TBA

28    Bloomington IN @ Sound Workshop
    with Dust from 1000 Years

29    St. Louis MO @ TBA
    with Spelling Bee
30    Lawrence KS @ TBA
    with This Is My Condition

31    Boulder CO @ Astroland
    with TBA


01    SLC/Midvale UT @ TBA

02    Reno NV @ TBA

03    Sacramento CA
San Fransisco CA
    Wanna help?
04    San Fransisco CA /Bay Area
    Santa Cruz    
05    Santa Cruz CA
        San Jose, CA
     Fresno CA
      Lil, help.   
06    San Diego CA

07   -Los Angeles CA
08    Phoenix AZ @ Trunkspace
    with Packrat, TBA

09    Flagstaff AZ @ The Cottage House
    - with TBA

10    Albuquerque, NM @ TBA
         be helpful

11    Midland TX @ Sherrill’s Place
    with TBA

12    Austin TX @ TBA
13    Houston TX @ TBA
14    New Orleans @ TBA

15    Birmingham AL @ TBA
    Decatur AL @ TBA

16    Murfreesboro TN @ TBA
    with Most Amazing Century of Science

17    Atlanta GA @ TBA
    Asheville NC

18    Charlotte NC @ TBA
    Greenville NC @ Spazz Haus
Harrisonburg VA

19    Philadelphia @ The Spruce Caboose
    with STARWOOD, Da Comrade, +1

20    Allston MA @ Henhouse (address TBA)
with Pile, Graph, Saralee


We had to cancel New York,  but we'll be back there with Kitchen's Floor on Sept. 1st. I'll add the rest of those dates soon. woof.