Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tiny Tour Next Weekend, 2/25-2/29:::: New York Boston Hassle show, 2 Peace Fest philly, Shows with Dust From 1000 Years n Florida=Death

Starts with this one on Satuday 2/25 in Brooklyn:
awesome flyer Jeffrey.
Public Assembly 70 N. 6 St. Brooklyn
sam had some nice words to boot:

then on Sunday 2/26, we're playing day 2 of this guy, in
 at The Rotunda
 4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

tons of good bands, all listed here:
we play around 8

Then we get to join Dust From 1000 Years for a few days of their tour,
You can find all their dates here:

Monday 2/27
Greenline Cafe
4305 Locust Street  Philadelphia, PA
 we'll attempt quietude, maybe an hollow guitar with maraca/afuche accompaniment, who knows, 
it's bound to be somethin
Dust From 1000 Years (Indiana's finest yung studs)
Fletcher of Da Comrade/On The Water famenfortuna
+1 mystery guest

Tuesday 2/28
The Handsome Woman
Wallingford, CT
Dust From 1000 Years
Book Slave

Wed. 2/29
Gangly Gordons
(CT OGs, the joose of this goose jest keeps gittin butter)
Dust From 1000 Years
(Indianan wizards, we cover them constantly, cum catch the real deal)
Kal Marks
(the Prince of Pranklin Street, Carlos The Jackal, organ grinding for your pleasure)
maybe some Bad gutter solos for starters
ten greylock, 9PM
Bring these Bands some gold, frankfurters, and rum, they truly deserve it, kings of kings,
without a doubt.  

if you need uh, dresses, axe us pal:

Courtesy of The New Hawaii Preservation/Perpetuation Society of East America

see you soon
PS, Binghamton still kills, dead cat was big fun, so's bees, thanks dudes, hope we make it back soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Headin back to Binghamton tomoree friday 2.17, and oh ya, we're on a Cat Comp

here's what happend last time.
badass video buddy.
friday night,
we will play with bees, somewhere in binghamton. so secret we don't even know where, butt if you live there, I bet you can find it

conceptual cat compilation

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We're playing in New York tomorrow, Friday the 10th at the Olive Garden
4649 Bronx Blvd, Bronx, NY
 we're gonna play some music on wbar around 6 or 7 too  87.9 in new york if you wanna hear some dinner music.

and saturday we play in allllston:
101 hooker street

here's some kind words from Mr. Luke Einseidler

and while we're at it, Adam 

There's a whole bunch more upcoming shows listed here: