Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aw, shucks yeah...

Pizza Butt's all up on this Gut.

Couple New York shows tomorrow:
April 16 Death By Audio, 49 South 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY
w/ Arvid Noe, Celestial Shore, Sediment Club
April 17th The Moon 2, 319 Rutledge St. Brooklyn
w/ Arvid Noe, Skimask, Beef
April 18th, bad history month

wanna help us book this thing?

May 30th Boston TBA w/Habitat(New Orleans)
May 31st NYC/Philly TBA
June 1st Morgantown, WV or West PA, wanna help? TBA
June 2 Athens OH Lobsterfest
June 3 Columbus OH TBA
June 4 Louisville TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 5 Nashville TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 6 Carbondale TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years, Guerilla Toss, Sediment Club
June 7 Chicago at CASA DONDE 21st n Kedzie w/ Dust n Guerilla Toss N Sediment Club +
June 8 Chicago TBA w/ Dust
June 9 Bloomington w/Dust
June 10 Cleveland TBA w/Guerilla Toss n Sediment Club
June 11 NYC, Death By Audio, 49 South 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY w/Guerilla Toss, Sediment Club 


  1. What is April 18th (today!) Bad History Month???

  2. Plus the May 2 ( O'Briens ) and May 11 (Sealbeards? no idea where that is) Boston shows are also worth mentioning

  3. oh ya, sorry dawg, i usually just keep the full list on the bandcamp site, cause I'm lazy and feel silly being redundant. seal beards is at 10 eleanor st. in allston. pretty cool house, gonna be a good show. may 11th, big time bigtime