Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friday the 13th show at O'Brien's, and June Midwest Tour w. Dust


 JUNE TOUR, wanna help book it, or want us to come to your town?
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May 30th Boston TBA w/Habitat(New Orleans)
May 31st NYC TBA
June 1st Philly/Baltimore TBA
June 2 Athens OH Lobsterfest
June 3 Columbus OH TBA
June 4 Louisville TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 5 Nashville TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 6 Carbondale TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years, Guerilla Toss
June 7 Chicago TBA w/ Dust n Guerilly
June 8 Chicago TBA w/ Dust
June 9 Bloomington w/Dust
June 10 Cleveland TBA w/Guerilla Toss
June 11 Morgantown WV TBA
June 12 Philly TBa

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