Sunday, May 13, 2012

June Midwest Tour, Bad History Demos Tape

Everyday is Christmas, on tour. We're burning our box and hitting the road a gain in early June and then we're going back into the box of the studio to keep working on the new album. We're putting out this tape of 10 new demos and a live acoustic set, and a live radio set, to help us raise some cash to pay the beautiful dreamy angels of the sex dungeon. 70 minutes of music, zounds!!!

check it out:

and we made some pretty shirts too with art by AG Tenderfoot
 $7 worth of cloth and ink, for only $7!!!

or you can pick them up at one of these shows:

May 30th BOSTON Butchershop w/Habitat(New Orleans), Disco Doom(Switzerland), Pile
May 31st Montclair, NJ The Meat Locker
June 1st PA, TBA
June 2 Athens OH Lobsterfest
June 3 Bloomington IN Rockits Pizza
June 4 Gallatin, TN TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 5 Nashville, TN TBA w/Dust From 1000 Years
June 6 Carbondale Skihaus? w/Dust From 1000 Years, Guerilla Toss, Sediment Club
June 7 Chicago at Nowheresville 3036 N. Elston w/ Dust n Guerilla Toss N Sediment Club +ANIMAL CITY checkit
June 8 Chicago Plaines Project 1822 S Desplaines St Early show i think, 6:30
w/ Giving Up and Life Partner.
June 9 Bloomington IN The Sound Workshop w/Dust n Ponyboy
June 10 Cleveland, Castle Greyskull w/Guerilla Toss n Sediment Club
June 11 NYC, Death By Audio, 49 South 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY w/Guerilla Toss, Sediment Club

June 19th Philly at JRs 22nd n Passyunk, w/ Giving Up and Life Partner + RASPUTIN"S SECRET POLICE ( no ZZ Bottom this time)
here's ths shizam

June 20-30 Recordin at Ye Olde Sex Dungeon

Wanna book us on these dates?:
June 30 Philly w/ The New Diet (Chicago)
July 1st NYC or Jersey w/ The New Diet
July 2nd CT? Western MA? w/New Diet
July 3rd Providence? w/ New Diet
July 4th
Jordan's Gay Furniture Garden: Fourth Of July Sales Event (now with Trapeze/Lazertag/IMAX plus Free Live Entertainment)
 w/ Pile, The New Diet (Chicago), Sun Hotel (New Orleans)
starts after the fireworks. Ten Gaylock

see you soon

ps, this is fucking hilarious, thanks for carin Travis n Cuht.

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