Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some kind words in Portuguese

The genre? Some say it's Skittle Rain, without me having no prior knowledge of this classification, the stamp is from Sophomore Lounge Records, and the release was in 2011, August. Fucking Despair, is one of the albums of the band Fat History Month, and the first fully own. The chemistry between drummer Mark and vocal / guitarist Sean is amazing, the instrumental banda is mingled, the lightness and the feeling in the music tax is to envy for many bands.

The sound of Despair Fucking beautiful as shown in the first track of the album, Free As A Cat, which begins with a beat and a melody lighter more chaotic. It is in Nature, sixth track on the album, we see the potential of being realized banda, which to me, is the best track on the album, with its nearly seven minutes.
Fat History Month has only 343 registered listeners on, as has tags the words "guitar", "90s", "drums", "duo", among others. One of those bands that nobody knows but everyone should know. The talent of these two guys is incredible, a gift to the ears.

they like pile too.

also, made more of these new demos if you didn't get one:

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