Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dust is comin, bringing Yeayers

The big sexy man at So Hard Young Boy Inc. just finished putting the touches on a Fat History live DVD. 
 It's called Yeayer.
Thanks everyone who contributed to it. 
If you want one, it'll be on tour with Dust From 1000 Years, who we're joining for a few days at the end of the month:
Oct 30 PR Matrix Hex in Providence
Oct 31st Grape Ghoul-Aid in Boston w/Florida=Death and Let's Hang Out
 Nov. 1st Poland St. House Portland, ME w/Hyena

here's more info about their tour, you should see them if you can:
SHYB presents:

The DUST FROM 1000 YRS Whistlestop Tour and Hot Pocket Luncheon

brought to you by Hot Pockets and Barq's Rootbeer

Are you a ham and cheese man or a pepperoni pizza kinda guy?  Are you gonna wash it down with root beer or red creme soda?  Election day is coming and its up to YOU to decide.  Dust from 1000 Yrs is stumping in the most crucial battleground states to bring the message of GOOD TIMES and SNACKING.  Tits Mahoney sez: "DIG IN!"
here's the scoop:
friday oct 26: hymen house (1619 heiman st, nashville tn) w/??  all ages
sunday oct 28: le grand fromage (25 gordon's alley, atlantic city, nj) w/ zebras and bulls fight tonight, anodes, graveyard state, be water.  8pm, $5, 18+  fb event:
monday oct 29: horse's mouth (???, new britain ct) w/ florida=death, more.  all ages
tuesday oct 30: p.r. matrix hex (email for address, providence ri) w/ fat history month, more.  all ages
wednesday oct 31: grape ghoul-aid (10 greylock, allston ma) w/ fat history month, florida=death, more.  all ages, donation
thursday nov 1: 26 poland st (26 poland st, portland me) w/ fat history month, hyena, more.  all ages, donation
friday nov 2: prolly hanging in boston
saturday nov 3: we're gonna feel totally outta place at a dance party at club carriage (email for address, rochester ny) w/ big digits, bc likes you, sweat, vj nard
sunday nov 4: the lodge (40 walker st, athens oh) w/ blithe field, mono lisa.  all ages

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thank You Everyone and Guerilla Toss n Cave Bears

Sweet love you, all the people we met who made it awesome. 
Guerilla Toss Guerilla Toss Guerilla Toss, Cave Bears Cave Bears Cave Bears.
We're a couple lucky ducks, thanks for the reminder. 
Love love love.

In case anybody who reads this wicked awesome blog doesn't already know, Guerilla Toss's new record is dope as duck. Our very own Lil' Marky Markface recorded it, as well as their new booberiffic split with FDOME,  and it sounds like this:
Want your record to wreck shit too?
 Why not use your hard earned record company advance to hire Mark?
Here's where you can reach him in his Fortress of Holy Tude:
bobbyhobbylobby at gee male dawt calm
 Here's another fresh example of his famous PROduction techniques, put to use capturing goodbuddies Arvid Noe.

And of course there are the now classic Skimask and Scouter recordings too.
Rocknroll, pal.
Better act fast and get in touch with this guy before he ditches Boston for LA and grows a blonde ponytail, which this picture sent back to us from 2035 has confirmed will definitely happen:

In other News,
Boston's got a New Newspaper,
it's all over the place in the real world,
and here too
They got the scoop on our cripplingly embarrassing secret diary from June tour, so feel free to load up on gnarly personal details for next time you wanna throw some lyrical tomatoes when we face off in a rap battle or whatever.
Just in case the diary from this tour gets leaked sometime, I'll just come out now and confirm that I do have a huge throbbing crush on Arian. Holypimpshrimps, Batman, the kid rocks purple socks like a royal shredder should...
There, I said it. National Enquirer, eat your heart out.

ps, finally got hip to this genius: