Saturday, November 24, 2012

January FATS/PATS Just Do It Nike Tour is Booked, 2 New/Old Tapes Available Now, Safe&Sound Reissue Tape coming soon, Exploding in Sound Sampler

1/14-1/26 Tour w/ New England Patriots

1/14 mon Brooklyn, NY Death By Audio
1/15 tues New Brunswick, NJ  The Alamo
1/16 wed Richmond, VA Bauhaus
1/17 thurs Athens OH Casa Nueva
1/18 fri   Cincinnatti,OH Baba Budans 239 West McMillan Street
1/19 sat. Nashville, TN Tower 2 at the WTC 3929 Gallatin Pike 
1/20 sun Murfreesboro, TN Frankie Avalon house w/gnarwhal, piss bath?
1/21 mon Atlanta, GA The Office
1/22 tues Asheville, NC The Get Down
1/23 wed Raleigh, NC Yerducken House
1/24 thurs Harrisonburg, VA The Crayola
1/25 Ewing, NJ
1/27 Sun tt th bears, Berfest

Just dropped a bunch of records and tapes off at Weirdo and Armageddon Records.

Made 100 more of these badboys, there's copies at Weirdo Records and Armageddon in Cambridge.

We sold out of our first 7",
Safe & Sound
Hidden Temple's reissuing it on cassette with 2 extra songs plus 5 secret first demos on the b-side.
 That'll be done by January.
Here's some fine music journalism written about it recently:
Oops! Earlier in this 7-Inch Roundup I was talking about the Bedroom Suck label, saying how the bands they released were all Australian, and how I was writing up everything I thought I had by 'em, but I was wrong on both counts. Not only did I find another 7" on Bedroom Suck near the bottom of the ol' pile (I'm almost done!), it's by a band that is NOT from Australia! They're from America even, Boston to be exact, and they're called Fat History Month. I'll admit, I thought Fat History Month were going to sound like Fat Day, who are also from Boston and have a band-name that starts with the adjective Fat. But I was completely wrong, because Side A "Safe & Sound" is a sweeping moody near-instrumental that's downright heavy and lovely and gently proggy . . . not what I was expecting . . . it might reveal emo roots a little after the song goes on awhile, especially when, right before the song ends, a guy singer comes in for one single meek but heartfelt verse . . . but shit, I just keep thinking how much better they are at it than, like, Mogwai. I'm picking on Mogwai because they're boring, but also because they're somewhat popular, and both bands use a certain type of post-spaghetti western, post-Slint guitar style to evoke big wind-swept landscapes. Thing is, Mogwai shows you the landscape, but they never get any wind sweeping through it. They just expect you to say "awesome photo" for a whole hour. Fat History Month is actually pretty adept at getting some wind sweeping through their emo-prog landscapes, which makes the "photo" living and three-dimensional. Surprised to learn that there's just two members, a singer/guitarist and a drummer, because they have a full sound.
I agree pal, Mogwai stinks, I'm glad we ripped off Do Make Say Think instead. 
You can still order the vinyl from Bedroom Suck in Australia, here

Speaking of Hidden Temple, they also just put out this tape of Pile's demos, looks pretty sseeewweeeetttt,

you can order one here:

Hidden Temple

also, finally made some Museum of Fat History tapes, old out of print stuff, our first tape + the shaq history tape on the a-side and 10 live covers and oldies on the b-side,  21 songs total, plus a road map of fat history.
Available here:
and at Wierdo and Armageddon Records. 

Finally, these sweet dudes are helping us put out our next record, they made a sampler of us and all the other bands they REP:

Exploding In Sound Records

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some kind words in Portuguese

The genre? Some say it's Skittle Rain, without me having no prior knowledge of this classification, the stamp is from Sophomore Lounge Records, and the release was in 2011, August. Fucking Despair, is one of the albums of the band Fat History Month, and the first fully own. The chemistry between drummer Mark and vocal / guitarist Sean is amazing, the instrumental banda is mingled, the lightness and the feeling in the music tax is to envy for many bands.

The sound of Despair Fucking beautiful as shown in the first track of the album, Free As A Cat, which begins with a beat and a melody lighter more chaotic. It is in Nature, sixth track on the album, we see the potential of being realized banda, which to me, is the best track on the album, with its nearly seven minutes.
Fat History Month has only 343 registered listeners on, as has tags the words "guitar", "90s", "drums", "duo", among others. One of those bands that nobody knows but everyone should know. The talent of these two guys is incredible, a gift to the ears.

they like pile too.

also, made more of these new demos if you didn't get one:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Porches, Nov. 16, cluck cluck cluck, RIP gooble gobbles

  1. This awesome band is finally coming do boston
  2. The chickens have come home to roost, cause the coop got evicted.
  3. Need a dress? 
  4. Ask a cop