Friday, December 6, 2013

A Tasty Winter Treat, From April

Florida played the homecoming show for the tour we did with Pile last April, then the next day I got to watch them up close in the radio studio and try to figure out how 3 people make 6 peoples worth of sounds. Good shit.

2nd Edition Comic, new AND improved. Now With: More Pages! More Details! Glossy Covers! Improved Grammar! New Poster! Old Poster Too! Also : ------ Going on Tour, Wanna Come See A Show?

2nd edition features:
-extra pages, including a new Still Life With Rotting Pear for the song we left out last time 
(bad future)
 -a fancy new old fashioned title page

-extra details on the old pages

-improved grammar
-fancy tough glossy covers

-brand new 11x17" 2 Sided Poster of "Christmas in Hell", plus the ol' "Meanwhile in Heaven" on the back, choose your mood, or collect 'em all:
go ahead, make my day..
or get one in real life at a show,
I'm going on tour in a week to see Dust play their 1 Millionth show, 
here's the dates:
Dec. 9th Turners Falls, MA 36 Third St.
Dec. 10th Toronto, Skramden Yards w/Animal Faces+
Dec 11th Kalamazoo, MI The Corner Record Shop, 1710 W Main St
Dec 12th Milwaukee WI, Quarters 900 E. Center St.
Dec 13th Chicago, The Keep 2324 W. Nelson
Dec 14th Bloomington IN, Sound Workshop, Dust's 10 Year T-Note Anniversary Show, bring flowers.
Dec. 15th Pittsburgh, Cyberpunk Apocalypse 1200 Boyle St.
Dec. 16th Philly, Golden Tea House, ask a gunk
Dec. 17th NYC Death By Audio, 49 s 2nd st btw kent & wythe brooklyn
Dec. 18th CT, Florida Lifestyle Solutions, Inc : 50 High St. Meriden CT
see you soon

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last Minute Tour

Dec. 9th Turner's Falls, MA 36 Third St.
Dec. 10th Toronto, Skramden Yards w/Animal Faces+
Dec 11th Kalamazoo, MI The Corner Record Shop, 1710 W Main St
Dec 12th Milwaukee WI, Quarters 900 E. Center St.
Dec 13th Chicago, Magic Shop Theatre
Dec 14th Bloomington IN, Sound Workshop, Dust's 10 Year T-Note Anniversary Show, bring flowers.
Dec. 15th Pittsburgh, Cyberpunk Apocalypse 1200 Boyle St.
Dec. 16th Philly, Golden Tea House, ask a gunk
Dec. 17th NYC Death By Audio, 49 s 2nd st btw kent & wythe brooklyn
Dec. 18th CT, Florida Lifestyle Solutions, Inc : 50 High St. Meriden CT

see you soon

Monday, October 28, 2013

I swear I'm not scared of bowling balls, here's the real lyrics to most of the songs on Bad History Month

I've come across some pretty funny madlib interpretations of these words, figured I'd release the real ones into the digital wilderness to fend for themselves against their wacky doppelgangers.
Thanks for caring.

 1. (bad history)

2. Bad History Month
Cowboy can't tell that everything is swell, even though he fell of his horse.
The horse is healthy, of course, it's ready to ride, but Cowboy's way too preoccupied.
He saw a snake in the trail, it was chewing its own tail.
Cowboy sat down in the dirt. 
Teardrops were staining his shirt.
They were mixing into mud with the dust, but he didn't really care, 'cause he trusts his horse to keep a secret.
It's a big one.
This is what he said:
"Listen up horse, this is how I feel, everything is really bad.
But I'm worse.
I can't help but feeling like the first human that ate a neanderthal. 
I swung the club that crushed her skull and in the process damned us all, 
and every baby ever born has borne the taint of my ancient sin, 
but I was smiling while I chewed that dimwits skin.
It was all me.
I'm Bad History.
I burnt down Rome, and Chicago too.
I shook the earth and I blew the wind that made you hide.
I am the rising tide."
That was all he had to say, the horse responded, 

3. The Future
We live in a world where a lot of the toilets flush themselves.
It's for your safety.
And a lot of the doors, they open themselves for you.
And if you say it's 'cause "Hell is other people."
Then a lot of other people say, "Hell yeah man, that's true."
But it's The Future. 
You can't be rude.
Your balls and your bowels are firing blanks and your pranks are all confused, 
they don't know what the fuck they're supposed to do.
'Cause it's The Future, 
you better not even consider being a dick.
I will flush you down a toilet with a laser and then rinse you in the sink, 
faster than you think,
hijinks are extinct.
 We live in a world where the toilets flush themselves, but here's good news for people who like to live dangerously:
You don't have to smoke cigarettes anymore to get throat cancer, 
'cause apparently all you have to do is smoke some cock.

4. Everyday is Christmas
Every day is Christmas in Hell,
and Santa's real, and he brings every thing you ever wished for,
every day,
'til you don't want to play,
but you have to,
and that's when you realize that you're in Hell.
So try and relax.
You jump through flaming hoops hoping that you won't catch on fire.
I signed my name,
he gave me the brand,
now I'm leaking cold sweat shaking Satan's hot hand.
Meanwhile in Heaven,
the well rehearsed unison harps offer comforting salvation from Art.
They sing this song:
"Refrain from entertainment, ride your mind like a horse, don't drag it like a cart."
But don't you ever notice that it doesn't matter what your doing,
it's all Hell if you do it too long.

5. Couch Killed The Cowboy
Everyone says that the fence killed the cowboy, but actually it was that couch that did him in.
Imagine a lifetime of nights under stars, as the streetlight washes over your bed.
"I took my boots off so I could be comfy.
I walked around the house in socks and poured myself a soda pop,
and I listened to jazz and I organized my stuff.
'Cause who the fuck, aw who the fuck wants to live out their life in the desert?
Not me, Sir.
I'm not one of them, I won't live or die in some tribe,
with no privacy".

6. Bald History Month
I cut off my hair, it was easy, because I'm not scared of going bald.
 Because the only things that are worth doing always take so long,
that before they're even done they start to seem completely worthless.
So I cut off my hair,
because the only reason not to be bald is that it's fun to get sheared.
 I let the dead cells of dead selves fall away.
Imagine a pyramid with only the tip left undone,
you already know what it's gonna look like but you still have to lift all those tons.
I'm lost, but I'm not scared, I feel my fear moving away in rings through time for a million years.
I shed my dead self when he rears his ugly head but he keeps growing back.

7. Cat In A Box
I refuse to ride the bus, or ever hit the laundromat,
it's not that I'm too good for that, I'm just a scared and sheltered cat who's afraid of ending up in a shelter.
I'm staying alive, 'cause it's even more scary to die.
I'm in a cardboard box that's soggy wet but I still think it's keeping me dry.
But if you took me out, and let me roam beyond the back yard, I could make friends with everyone,
'cause it's not that fucking hard to be happy when you finally leave home.
I'd burn my box and hit the road,
and if the road hit back, it'd be ok, 'cause I'm finally alive enough to know,
that you never know what hits you.
And even though I miss, and I want to kiss you, I just blow all of my love into a tissue,
and I throw it away.
And later on I'll be playing in the road,
when that rubber hits my back and I feel my heart explode.
And that blood in my chest is suddenly worth more than sex and love and gold.
And I'll feel sad, knowing you'll be sad,
but that wheel keeps rolling.
And as it reaches my neck, I'll feel glad to be alive,
with my eyes wide open.

8. Blackholes Suck
Years add up and subtract us.
Dogs bark, cats whine, and people talk to pass the time.
Fish swim and birds fly and snakes only lie because they don't have legs.
Years add up, voices go to gravel, Judgement keeps banging its terrifying gavel.
Black holes suck, but I eat light too, I guess that means that we've got a bit in common.
How can we blame the years for passing?
That's just a way to ruin your day.
Hindsight is actually blindness, inertia is already decay.
Black holes suck, but I am a yawning gulf too, I guess it means that I shouldn't be so frightened.
Black holes suck, but I am a gaping maw too, it makes me hope it's true that nothing lasts forever.
'Cause I'm free, but what's freedom mean, to a man unwilling to risk his neck to save his own life?
I traded in my chainsaw for a butterknife.
There is an event on the horizon,
but first I'll try to fly myself straight through that hole in the sky,
just to see what happens.

9. It Is What It Isn't
I only know what I don't want to be.
I stick around 'cause I'm waiting to see what happens,
but nothing happens.
Time flies, all the times fly in flocks,
but I can't fly so I just sit and watch.

10. (bad future)

11. There Goes The Sun
I feel you calling me, but I stall.
I'm so afraid of trouble, it keeps my like small.
Love is blind, but so is rage, I'd give up an eye if I could act my age.
The sun beats a fast retreat and I feel cheated by a lifeless ball of gas that I so desperately needed to shine,
 and keep me from feeling defeated.
I wanted the world to slow down, but instead it sped up so I seceded.
Now I'm standing still, just a petrified protest unheeded.

12. I Ate Myself and I Want To Die
I was born with a body that works and a mind that works to destroy it.
It's easy being alive, it's hard to enjoy it.
I would like to recycle myself like a snake does,
only I'd crawl inside, instead of out,
my mouth could dispose of all the evidence.
I'd make up for all I've wasted.
I'd place my bets against the past.
But first I'd say grace,
and it would go like this:
"Thank you for giving me hands, thanks you for giving me feet,
and teeth, to eat Me."
I'd ingest every pound of my flesh until I really was just an asshole.
Then I'd shit gold, and you could mold me like plaster,
into a six foot tall 200 pound gold dick found that ejaculates laughter.
And you could place me up on a hillside in a pasture,
and the cows would be blissfully ignorant of this whole disaster,
and we could all live happily ever after.
But I was born with a body that works and a mind that works to destroy it.
It's easy being alive, why's it have to be so fucking hard to enjoy it?
What the fuck?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teen Dream Wish Fullfillment

Holy Bigtime, K Records is distributing some stuff we made, sincere thanks for the pleasant feelings of legitimacy, good people of K. Keep the good old world alive, go ahead and buy some from 'em:


Thanks matty rubadub a bunch for the introduction.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some free music that's worth a lot
looks like the prices went down on the pay shit too, git some, 3 bucks is nothing, money is an illusion, give it to good bands.

I made some of our shit free too, better get in on it while supplies last, before I get undiscouraged and start chargin again;)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Dust, solo shows

Playing a couple solo shows with this hot young band from Bloomington, Indiana:
Aug. 24th Chicago, 2324 N Nelson  w/DUST FROM 1000 YEARS
Aug. 27th Bloomington, The Sound Workshop w/DUST FROM 1000 YEARS, Ponyboy,

and some more with these CT whippersnappers too
Aug. 29th Philly, The Great Indoors w/ FLORIDA=DEATH, Ghost Light, Gunk
Aug 30 New Brunswick, NJ The Candy Barrel w/ Florida=Death
Aug. 31 NYC, The Olive Garden, 4649 Bronx BLVD, Bronx w/FLORIDA=DEATH +
Sept. 1st 50 High St. Meriden, CT,Florida Lifestyle Solutions Inc. w/ FLORIDA=DEATH, OVLOV +

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Thursday, June 27, 2013


You herd wrong.
Thanks for caring.
God is Love.
Go for a swim or something.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here's the original lyrics for Bad History Month, don't lose your liver, friend

looks like we misspelled "It's". we strive for quality butt shit we r dumb anyway. I think that was some post production editorial shit right there. dang.
here's some better cowboys

their record is great too:

Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Russian(?) Translation of some lyrics

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Fat History Month - Bad History Month lyrics
Yesterday, 14:06

Cowboy can't tell that everything is swell
Even though, he fell off his horse
The horse is healthy, of course
It's ready to ride
The cowboy's waiting
We are fine

Saw a snake, in the trail
It was chewing its own tail

This is a story, of doing sin
But its tail, it kept on chewing

The cowboy sat down in the dirt
The teardrops were stainin' his shirt
They were mixin' in the mud with the dust
But he didn't really care cause trust is hard
He'd keep a secret
And it's a big one
This is what he said
"Listen up, horse
This is how I feel
Everything is very bad
But I'm worse"

I can’t help but feelin' like
The first human to hate a neanderthal
I saw the claw that crushed the skull
And in the process, end result
And every baby ever born
Is born in days of ancient sin
And I was smilin' while I
Do that dimwit's skill

It was all me
A bad history
I burnt down Rome
And Chicago too
I should be on the Nile blue
The wind would make you high
I am the rising tide
That's all we have to say
The horse is born in May

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thanks for caring.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Youth Culture at it Finest

Could this be the Pinnacle?

This is pretty funny if you're bored and patient

After getting myself ridiculously angry and bitter about 
The Struggle of Life as an Artist 
while walking the gorgeous sunset sea cliffs of Santa Barbara, I returned to this garage to play a set with Mr. Markos.
Highlights include Failure, Misery, A Very Lame Attempt to Cover a Dust Song, Very Old Songs We Can't Play Anymore, and a cut to a preview for Billy Crystal's classic film "Mr. Saturday Night" just after the 15 minute mark. 
No Kidding. It's just fucking perfect.
Afterwards we went and stayed with sweet sweet Brett in Ojai and rode the waterslide til dawn.
All in all it's a pretty fun watch.
Thanks for filming it Redman.
Happened upon this as well:
Finally, I finally got to see these dudes last night and they're as inspiring as the Profit predicted:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just Kidding, I Fucking Hate Indie Rock, Bro

Pretty please won'tcha not call us that? It's embarrassing and hasn't been used to describe anything valuable since about 2001.
And independence is a myth, anyway.  It's obviously crucial to have Friends
 (to inspire and support you),
and even more crucial to have Friends With Money
(to pay a publicist, silly).
Who cares.
"There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind."
So sayeth Duke Ellington.
Fuk The Biz.
Peace n' Love,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Good History Review, thanks mann



Fat History Month is a Boston-based indie rock duo that incorporates bits of freak-folk, lo-fi, hard rock, DIY prog, and garage blues elements into their music. It is extremely difficult to create so much force and sense of space with guitar and drums as these guys generate and their sophomore full-length album Bad History Month (Sophomore Lounge, 2013) continues to prove their exquisite execution and exemplary songwriting which pulls from late 90′s era Modest Mouse to the more frenetic side of mid-2000′s Devendra Banhart with flourishes of all kind to fill in the nooks and crannies. They play in the pocket with extreme tightness, but those glorious nooks and crannies. That’s where this band lives.
fat history month bad history month album reviewUntil the band members’ last names come to light, we’ll get to know them on a first name basis. Sean, on vocals and guitar, is ridiculously deft on the guitar and propels a great indie vocal delivery style that is characterized by nimble melodies, DIY attitude, and touches of hollering here and there. Mark, on drums, has a powerful style which fills the space as both rhythm and melody. His cymbal work is performed at the level of a jazz musician while he employs hefty fills with the snares and toms performed with a lot of class for how heavily rock infused the rhythms are. The guitar settles on straightforward clear tones with a touch of drive and reverb as needed. The finger-picked playing style gives the classic 4/4 beat a facelift when Sean creates the perception of odd time signatures with unexpected interplay between bass notes and relentless treble hammer-ons and pull-offs. Instrumentally this record is sophisticated but youthful, an extremely difficult kind of vibe to write and Fat History Month executes these tracks with precision. The vocals are present in every track and hold roughly half of the listener’s attention with the rest of each track devoted to instrumental prowess. Occasionally the vocals are doubled, giving a low register drawling lead melody overlaid with a countertenor holler to give some oomph. The vocals are tastefully produced to draw the listener in but definitely give a rawness to the album that makes for a very compelling listen. These guys believe that intensity comes from the playing, not just from being able to manipulate levels and pre-amps to instill the feel they’re going for. And on this album, they make believers.
The tracks are dynamic. They are very linear in their structure, and often you get the sense that each guitar lick and vocal falls into the next segment. The songs unfold with a youthful energy that mimics running downhill in the woods, bounding joyously with momentum bumps and jarring fallen branches, laughing all the way. There are extreme juxtapositions of frenetic energy with sudden resolution, only to rapidly build back up to the forceful amplitude they seem to revel in as band mates. But for how overt the energy shifts are in their music, their songs are very nuanced. Consider the rambunctious instrumental break in third track “The Future”, with wailing guitar fuzzed solo over relentless hammering on the crash and floor tom only to immediately break again into this beautiful finger-picked melody way up on the fret board, giving it an angelic innocence that couldn’t possibly be coming from the same guitar that was just being ripped apart. Or perhaps the actually-not-contrived use of strummed harmonics in fourth track “Everyday is Christmas” that sound like the welcoming mat for the coming crescendo. This crescendo resolves into a 3/8 time with wonderful arpeggio sounding finger-picking that gives a refreshing sense of depth after the claustrophobic build. All their songs carry this aggressive form. They write so many melodies and transitions, they have to mash them all into a finite number of songs and consequently there is a feeling of restlessness and verbosity in their sound.
Fat History Month’s “Bald History Month”
fat history month bad history month album reviewThe lyricism and vocal delivery has their own complexity, naturally. Images of Isaac Brock, Rivers Cuomo, and Jeff Mangum come to mind in regards to both the vocal inflections and melodic phrasing. The album is full of recurring themes that seem to represent their effervescent persona. The tragedy of the American cowboy; self-mutilation, courage, and triumph over precarious situations. The vocals are easy to rally around: singable, encouraging, but with the perfect touch of realistic pessimism at just the right time. Written by guys that must have been there and done that, in a sense. Perhaps it comes off this way because of their extremely focused songwriting form, but it seems hard to believe that musicians with such ambitious and thoughtful structuring to their songs would write anything other than lyrics that carry a deep meaning to them on a personal level.
If the album needs help, it’s in the low end. This seems natural given the lack of any instrument to lay down bass lines. However, there are moments where the leveling on the percussion could stand to be reworked to increase the bass drum and some of the guitar’s root notes could be brought to the forefront in the engineering to create a bit more of a live feel to the production. Indeed, the songs have plenty of force entirely in the treble range and generally they carry enough weight without a low end. But it does lead one to consider what the band would sound like with a bit more chest thumping richness. They’d need to be damn discerning as to who would fill the position of a third band member. Finding someone to keep up with their excellent chemistry as a duo without changing the excellent spontaneous feel would be essential. It definitely wouldn’t be easy but, until that day comes where someone just fits in, they seem to manage just fine as a duo.
This is exciting music. It’s energetic without being cheesy. The dynamic interplay of the two instruments is dense and ever-listenable. Even each instrument alone would be engaging to listen to in isolation. Fat History Month seem to exude rock sensibilities that manifest with multiple different styles. Their transitions are tactful, and riveting as hell. This is a strong combination and gives the music a sense of freshness despite very familiar elements that most listeners might have thought were lost when the indie scene transitioned away from overdriven rock into more electronic and subtle folk-infused tastes. With Bad History Month, Fat History Month proves they have the chance to continue down their current path and solidify their role as innovative artists creating music that pulls from the past but has inimitable contemporary virtuosic appeal.
Written by Case Newsom
OurVinyl | Contributor
The album can be streamed at

from here

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Holy WingWang Dad, we got our recrd

All the preorders went out today, courtesty of dan the man g man 
you can get one here

or here
4/3 PORTLAND OR - THE EAST END w/ Gladness and St. Elias
4/6 SAN FRANCISCO CA - HEMLOCK TAVERN w/ Michael Beach and Cum Stain
4/10 LOS ANGELES CA - ORIGAMI VINYL (early show)
4/10 LOS ANGELES CA - THE SMELL (later show) w/ Stab City and LA Font
4/11 SAN DIEGO CA - TIN CAN ALE HOUSE w/ Takahashi and Weatherbox
4/15 AMARILLO TX - THE 806
4/17 AUSTIN TX - HOTEL VEGAS w/ Cartright and Sur
4/19 NEW ORLEANS LA - ONE EYED JACKS w/ Y’all, Native America and Woozy
4/21 BIRMINGHAM AL - THE FORGE /w The Urns and Holy Youth
4/22 NASHVILLE TN - THE OWL FARM w/ Gnarwhal and Cy Barkley
4/24 BLOOMINGTON IN - SOUND WORKSHOP w/ Dust from 1000 Yrs and Ponyboy
4/28 BROOKLYN NY - DEATH BY AUDIO w/ Porches. and Bennio Qwerty
4/29 ALLSTON MA - GREAT SCOTT w/ Florida=Death and Grass is Green 

thank you

new shirts to boot