Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is pretty funny if you're bored and patient

After getting myself ridiculously angry and bitter about 
The Struggle of Life as an Artist 
while walking the gorgeous sunset sea cliffs of Santa Barbara, I returned to this garage to play a set with Mr. Markos.
Highlights include Failure, Misery, A Very Lame Attempt to Cover a Dust Song, Very Old Songs We Can't Play Anymore, and a cut to a preview for Billy Crystal's classic film "Mr. Saturday Night" just after the 15 minute mark. 
No Kidding. It's just fucking perfect.
Afterwards we went and stayed with sweet sweet Brett in Ojai and rode the waterslide til dawn.
All in all it's a pretty fun watch.
Thanks for filming it Redman.
Happened upon this as well:
Finally, I finally got to see these dudes last night and they're as inspiring as the Profit predicted:


  1. Oh Man I am so psyched about the video from Biko Garage -- the guy that posted it is half of Watercolor Paintings which is a santa barbara band that I have been obsessed with over youtube for years, they are super good, I had been thinking about blowing off everything and flying out to California for that show, I should have done it!!!

  2. ha crazy, ya those dudes were all really nice. met some dudes from the east after our set when I pepped up and we talked about how I'm seriously fat by santa barbara standards. I guess it came up cause I had my tits out during our set. everyone has a six pack instead of a keg out there, it's weird.