Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here's the original lyrics for Bad History Month, don't lose your liver, friend

looks like we misspelled "It's". we strive for quality butt shit we r dumb anyway. I think that was some post production editorial shit right there. dang.
here's some better cowboys

their record is great too:


  1. Part 1(yeah,this will be a big one)

    Too late.My liver went mailed to the sweet russian(?) translation.Bad Deal,I see.

    I've always wanted to find a software or a site that could play random songs for me.All I could find were adresses playing industrialized pieces of shit.

    Someday a friend of mine showed me Bandcamp,where i could find those random songs actually nice.I liked it at first cause i could hear to nice rock and,yeah,indie.I kind liked the hipster feeling,but the real charm was in,somehow,supporting new bands.

    I remember that the first song I heard was a weird punk(Fucking Perfects,i think)kinda scary stuff.Up to the fourth song I was all like "man,if i don't find any REALLY good song I 'll just give up".
    They say it's the Chaos Theory.
    The fifth song(i remember it kinda accurately) was Bad History Month(I didn't know it,though,I was knew so i didn't realize what was song's name,album's name and band's name).Won't lie what really draw my attention was the cover,that childish drawing.

    Thanks to that,Bandcamp is now like an life for me.I'm still able to find incredibly songs now,I can't believe how lucky am I for finding a song that would make me stick to the site.

    Well,fucking loved the song,it perfectly fitted with the mood of my Fallout 3 gameplay(evil mode,trying platinum).

    It's still the song that longer stucked playing on my head(almost a month.Mostly because,it didn't matter how hard I looked for I couldn't find the goddamn lyrics.I was kinda pissed at the moment,really.
    Hipstering sucks.

    Oh,before I forget.I'm eighteen years old,my voice fucking sucks.Not too girly,not too manly.Most people say it's ok,but i cant stand hearing it(don't know why,maybe I just being grumpy bout myself).
    Haha,I force my voice to sound manly when near my crush and I feel ridiculous after she's gone.
    (Fucking Christ,now I remembering those kinda of moments)
    Then when I was looking for other videos of BHM,I saw one of Ethan Long(Fat History Month-- Bad History Month Woodstock)playing guitar and singing it very,huh,spontaneously.It made me a bit more confident bout my voice,not exactly my voice,but the fact that i shouldn't pretend anything that's natural to me.(I study philosophy since I was thirteen,but I needed that video to realize that I was being an self-douche).No way I couldn't get addicted to that song.(after that I searched for almost every single song of FHM on Bandcamp,u guys r awesome!)
    I would buy the,lets say,full pack of BHM(Comic book,poster and the LP for 10 obamas?That's (literally) 4 times cheaper than one of these pop songs CD in my country!(Shame I couldn't buy,don't have a card,neither my mom would let me use hers :/,shamer:she doesn't trust shipping,because most people in Brazil don't know how to make online shopping,and their stuff comes broken or something.Online shopping in Brazil is not very attractive,unfortunately.)

    Sometime later(a month before today,it says),BOOM,"Caralho,vou para o Youtube perguntar pela letra da música".

    So I asked.NO response.Hipstering sucks big dinosaur melting balls.

  2. Part 2(Last,but not least)
    Would no one tell this poor boy the lyrics he struggled so much to get?I thought about asking my english teacher,but I didn't.I trusted he could do it,but,i don't know,i think if I wanted to see someone deciphering the lyrics it should be me.Actually, i called my sister to help,she's an sixteen yogscast-addicted fucking piece of awesomeness,(if u reading,love u Vanessa).She'll kill me for exposing her.

    Well,then,few weeks(2 or 3) after asking for the lyrics I tried again,and YEAH Alyrics,something,dot com!I DID IT!

    As I always do with Adventure Time episodes(the most philosofical cartoon I ever seen) i studied all the meaning of the song,the self eating snake and the cowboy seeing his own sin when he killed a man,I made a complete analysis of the song progression(rambling at first-cowboy distracted;getting hectic after he saw the snake and resembling his sin;Hectic during confession and TOTALLY hectic after confessing,confessing for a horse,fucking despair,and then calm,relaxed after he loosing the story of his shoulders.Oh,you did know that already?Sorry.)

    Seriously,I just went telling about this song to almost everyone,if a hobo begged me money I would talk to him about the song and all the meaning of the sin the "killing yourself when you kill your kind" and stuff.(Weird?a bit.I did the same with Bioshock 1,my favorite game.My sister said i told the whole story of the game 64 times.My english last presentation was about the game.Fucking awesome game,fucking awesome song.)

    A month later my question on YT,a big surprise! Rafael Santos,another brazilian,someone I don't know(but I discover that he also likes games and the brazilian Le Ninja Blog) told me to go to the FHM blog,I just answered him "Não esperava uma resposta de uma brazuca numa música tão indie xD,eu nem escolhi essa vida de hipster hehe,mas valeu cara eu já tinha encontrado!"
    (Something like:I wasn't expecting a brazilian answering me in such an indie song,neither I chose this hipster life,but thanks man I HAD ALREADY FOUND THE LYRICS)

    I was so wrong.Fuck u Alyrics.I decided to go to the blog today,than I saw the original lyrics.And the accurate one of the Alyrics.Man,I am kinda pissed,cause now I'll have to learn almost a whole new song and memorize the correct lyrics.
    I mean,I could realize the lyrics were wrong somehow,but the was the only place i could find it,so I had to trust.Damn,a had no choice.(My english teacher would be so disappointed).

    So, I read all the original lyrics,really happy i got it.Almost closing the window to play some Fallout 3,I saw the title of this post.
    This is officially one of the most happy days of my life,and the happiest day of my school vacation so far(hardly going to be overcomed).

    Futile reason of happiness?Not for me.After almost two month looking for a song lyric,finding it originally,by the developers,with drawings,and caring bout my organ healthiness?Instant joy.

    It was all me.My personal history.

    Always liked trajectory stories,those of 'the life behind that unknown',that's my first.Didn't want to be this big,but i just can't help.I enjoy writting.

    I know,I know.'Cool story,bro'.

    Hey,thanks for u being awesome,I liked most of your songs so far!Really wish I was north-american or lived there,so I could seen u in action(someday maybe,Brazil is the land of opportunity - to go away)!

    Keep up the good work!

    (sorry for my english,I wrote rapidly,didn't care much bout grammar,English isn't my native language)

    História Gorda do Mês réguas!

    -Iago Holanda Arrais

  3. Ha damn man, I don't even know what to say. You're writing made my day. Glad you found this. I started trying to talk more manly when I was 10 and the phone operator called me "ma'am" on the phone cause I sounded like a woman. But then it got too deep and when I started singing I thought it sounded like Creed or some shit. Glad my shitty singing made you feel more confident haha. I wanna send you a free copy of the comic book and cd since you are awesome, but international post is stupid expensive and I'm a cheapskate. I dunno, send me your address and I'll see what I can do:
    Glad your organ health is intact, Sean