Monday, April 21, 2014

"Naked as the hand of Meff" - Mad love en Español‎, best phrase ever

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The Shelter of Fat History Month

Last year we went on our list of best international group of disks that have not been much that has gone totally unnoticed, but which brings many virtues that make a different formation . So it is necessary to reivindicarles his rescue as many times as necessary. Let's talk again , Bostonians Fat History Month.Standing out from the easy formulaI had not found a group within the indie rock I woke up so much emotion . In fact , last year I became hooked on them for quite some time . Especially their second album , Bad History Month, about which I speak. Many times we look in the rearview mirror and pull of the comfort zone , spending the afternoon with these classic bands of the genre whose golden age is quite far. In the indie rock today I miss , more personality , more race groups ; more groups like Fat History Month.As happens with the shoegaze , no new groups from A to Z know the tricks and resources used to reach a specific audience and even get some international concern we lack . Many have learned the lesson and play again and again, some not even bothering to get out of the margins not to risk . Given the huge number of such groups that are committed to the easy ABC and bring them at least touch on several important festivals even listed in the fine print , it is surprising to find formations that go off on tangents and evade predictable formula for new Best New Laziness . They are the exception and not the norm.

I refuse to ride the bus , or ever hit the laundromat ,
It's not that I'm too good for That ,
I'm just a scared and sheltered cat who's afraid of ending up in a shelter .
I'm staying alive , 'cause it's even more scary to die .All that matters is the musicFat History Month are just two types of Boston, and living for music, without excessive claims . Just enjoy it and share it with who match these premises. An honest position without poses, and yet would not be possible if they were on Exploding In Sound , a small independent label in which they not only live , but also other groups that are left want- some - blinded by trying to imitate American underground heroes . Some of them and we have spoken , as Ovlov or Grass Is Green. But our characters do not sound cliché.But in this year of revivalism , this pairing is different , although some label mates ( Ovlov , for example) do fall over and postulates canonical hackneyed - but - efficient , the couple led by Jeff Meff has a special magnetism. As you said Mohorte , Fat History Month and specifically Jeff , remember the excitement of his compositions to his namesake of Neutral Milk Hotel. Worship means warlike times as they fall into a spiral of letters losers, they just scattered on the wall next to the viscera of Meff . In that little pop that just by bringing in a twinkling , the weight of the guitar as a vital center of our lives, in those sad songs as much improvement ; So when they decide to laugh at themselves , reside charm and fury of the group.

I'd burn my box and hit the road ,
And if the road hit back , it'd be ok ,
' Cause I'm finally alive enough to know ,
That you never know what hits you .Except for the first model , in which the sound is painful , in any of its references can take refuge and smell the scent of bands like Built To Spill or Modest Mouse. Yet even remember the sets discussed, and all sound do not sound any. They find their own space , but you always unintentionally sweeps house (following the throes of compatriots reference). But this is not important ; Fat History Month brings us the most basic and immediate function of music , which is nothing to enjoy. Alone, with your partner or toasting hedonism with a few cans of beer and friends . At the end of the day , that's how they do on stage. Play space in garage and do not mind sharing great songs like life in tight spaces and with little public . Face to face . There are no barriers .Dynamiting small circuitsThey do not need the old Woodstock to enjoy, and it is important that all care about shit, except the music , which is transcendental. Even with social networks. Just a blog to share their thoughts and bandcamp as a compulsory site meeting which must always worship you have opportunity , even when you have to pull the ear in a letter from Jeff Meff to own indie starlets .

And even though I miss , and I want to kiss you,
I just blow all of my love into a tissue , throw it away and I .
And later on I'll be playing in the road ,
When That rubber hits my back and I feel my heart explode .
And in my chest That blood is worth more than Suddenly sex and love and gold .
And I'll feel sad , knowing you'll be sad , but wheel That keeps rolling .
And as it Reaches my neck ,
I'll feel glad to be alive , with my eyes wide open .Cyclothymic developments in so short songs like " Old Lady Smokers' and others as large as ' You Can Pick Your Nose , You Can Pick Your Friends Nose , But You Can not Escape Your Horrible Family ' . No matter what last, the magnetism of his arpeggios, naked as the hand of Meff , playing his guitar without a pick, gets me for hours without wanting to leave. Because the apparent distress of Meff , in their constant lectures on the people around you and the times that is happiness, there is always an inherent beauty to the music of Fat History Month. Will these desperate attempts to survive in the final highs of ' There Goes The Sun' or ' Safe And Sound' . Or just the saddest song ever , 'Cat In A Box ' but Fat History Month could be your band of the moment , as they are now mine.When I drink a few beers and start flooding my veins I sometimes think they are the best indie rock band of the moment. Or my favorite . But then I passed . Although I always come back later to think they are, definitely . It is their gritty lyricism, its roller energy, his way of letting the songs flow slowly , knowing that the best is yet to come. In the background no matter the label to put them . Because they are good. Very good , and that's what matters. Although they are a small group, have very great songs. So large that they could be writing your life .